GMs background - Alexander

Alexander Wulfuwitch

Alexander is a Smuggler.
Along with his friend through the teenage years Eckhardt Schmidt, he first started as a petty criminal and soon started to transport illegal goods.

His base of operation is now the small hamlet north of Auerswald called Dresschler
Here he has a 4 wheeled cart in an old, abandoned, half-opened stable that he has taken over.
He has a deal with an old man named Karl Dröbler in Dresschler. He takes care of the horse, when Martin is not around.
A rowing boat is moored to the trees down by the river.

He mainly earns his living, by transporting goods from the north (Grünburg) delivered by Hans Flusswellen the last bit of the way from Dresschler to Auerswald. Usually this is alcohol to the innkeeper at “The 3 Hogs” Hermann Blutstein, who he has a good relationship to.

He also know a small time criminal by the name Johan Gutricht in Auerswald that sometimes is fencing stolen goods for him. Johan has some contact to the organized crime syndicates in Auerswald.

GMs background - Alexander

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